January 18, 2019

Whipped Shea Butter Full Of Natural Ingredients, Scents & Smooth Consistency To Suit All Skin Types!!
  • Cassandra from Newark, New Jersey

“The shea butter helps me with my rash that I get when I wear my bra. Since I have been putting the shea butter on no more irritated rash. I also use the shea butter on my feet and it smooth and feels like a brand new baby bottom. For my boyfriend, Marcus he had some very dry feet. I give him pedicures and put the shea butter on and he has no problems with his feet being dry. He also has dry skin and now uses the shea butter all over his body and it stays as if he never had dry skin. We will be your #1 customer.”


  • Christine from Newark, New Jersey

“Souffle of Shea is the only product that works on my dry skin. It is smooth and creamy. I love the different scents. The smell is just right.”


  • Anna from Sacramento, California

“I had never used shea butter until I started using Souffle of Shea and it was the best decision for my skin. It makes my skin feel and look smoother than any moisturizer ever could. I am a 50 year Latino but with Souffle of Shea, my skin feels like it’s 25.”


  • Crystal from Newark, New Jersey

“I love how it leaves my skin soft as a baby BOOTY!”


  • Paris from Newark, New Jersey

“It keeps my hands and feet feeling soft as a baby bottom. The black soap makes my skin feel so clean and fresh. The hair drops are revitalizing on my scalp. The new lotion is rich and creamy and light and keeps you moisturized all day just like the shea butter.”

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